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Dare to enter the dark wood and discover your shadow self with this enthralling Rider-Waite-Smith-style deck. As you take on the role of a witch entering the wood, you'll find each card becomes a "vision" of legends (wands), fears (swords), animals (cups), and the natural world (pentacles). These visions offer you deep wisdom, providing a richer and fuller understanding of yourself. Examine your secret desires, your shadowy dreams, and the unknown recesses of your psyche. This deck is the key to your shadow side the key to a quest through darkness and into the light that reflects your hidden talents and personal power.

The Dark Wood Tarot replaces traditional reversals with Shadow Meanings. Shadow Meanings are not the opposite of the card's meaning, rather, they reflects us embodying the darkest qualities of card. Why? It creates an opportunity to examine areas of your personality you might normally skip over or ignore in a reading or in life.

Visit Sasha Graham's website for more info.

Dark Wood Tarot

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