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These mini altar tins are cute, portable, and versatile. They can be refilled with your own preferred items after you use the items included.

Inspired by a desire to take an altar out on the go and perform some rituals in a secluded place. Everything in this kit is centered around protection!

Contents of the kit: Black salt (to consecrate, open a circle of protection), rosemary herb (known for it's protective properties), black obsidian stone (a well known protection stone), black string (for knot magic and binding), myrrh incense cone (to promote a feeling of peace and security), black tea light candle (also for protection, as black is the color associated with protection magic), and a mojo bean (for making wishes). 

Tin Dimensions - 3-1/2" X 2-1/2" X 4/5"

NOTE: This kit does not come with instructions, and its crafted as an artistic curio. This was crafted as a charm, and is to be used however you feel resonates best with you. The crafter has left the use of the contents open to interpretation. There is no right or wrong way to use the items in this kit.

Mini Travel Altar: Protection

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