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Smoke cleansing using white sage and other herbs can be useful when you're feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell, or after you have had an argument with someone. It is common to cleanse yourself with the medicine of sacred smoke, your space, and all the guests or participants before a ritual or ceremony or celebration. You can sacred smoke clear your home or work space as part of a general spiritual housecleaning, and you can cleanse crystals or other objects of any negative or lingering energy with the burning of sacred herbs as well.

These mini sized white sage bundles are perfect for bringing with you while traveling, or to put on your small altars and in small spaces.


They are approximately 2.5" x 0.5".


Some people keep these mini wands as a talisman and do not burn them at all. Some use them in sacred smoke clearing practices, and as incense too.

Mini White Sage Bundle

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