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Gender: Feminine

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Motherwort is part of the mint family. She has been cultivated since ancient times, and grows very well.

Medicinal Properties: Motherwort can calm anxiety and also regulate menstruation. It is also used for healing.

Magickal Uses: Fertility, Happiness, Compassion, Harmony, Love, Peace & Tranquility. Motherwort will support any protection spell. Add her to any spell you want to last for a long time. Great to use for money, success and health spells. It can also help you in your own internal wisdom and amplify your intuition.

Smoke n’ Ashes - 8 grams per sachet



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Powers: Protection, Healing, Peace, Strength, Exorcism, Hex-Breaking, Astral Travel, Prophetic Dreams.

Motherwort Herb

1 Gram
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