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Introducing the 7 Day Glass Ritual Candle with a Pentacle design, infused with the mystical aroma of Frankincense. This candle is a must-have for anyone seeking protection and positive energy in their daily lives.

This candle stands tall at 8 inches and has a diameter of 2 inches. It weighs 1.20 pounds, making it easy to carry and place in any desired location. The Pentacle design on the glass adds a touch of elegance to your home or sacred space.

Light up this candle during your daily rituals or meditation sessions and let the powerful scent of Frankincense fill the air. Frankincense has been used for centuries for its healing properties and is known to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance spiritual awareness.

This 7 Day Glass Ritual Candle is perfect for those seeking protection from negative energy and a deeper connection to their spirituality. Add it to your collection today and experience the magic of Frankincense. Illuminate your space with positive energy and protection.

Protection Ritual Candle

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