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The Dream Gate expands the dream territory beyond the bed chamber to embrace the experiences of spontaneous visions, active imagination, trance, hypnosis, and pre- and postsleep adventures, shining light on the abundant benefits found within the rich dream landscape. Written by a dream specialist with 20 years' experience as a psychologist and holistic healer, this book offers sound reason to look at dreams as important messages from the Unconscious, presenting a sensible method of uncovering hidden dream messages empowering the dreamer to see beyond waking mental blocks and puzzling life problems. Moving through The Dream Gate aids each to better remember, record, and understand dreams to expand waking consciousness and achieve success in waking reality. Additionally, it offers tools to help each create an individual dream dictionary based on personal history and unique memories. Dr. Janet Piedilato 200 p. | HB

The Dream Gate: Understand Your Dreams, Empower Your Life

  • Product can be returned within 10 days. Must be in same condition as when purchased.

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